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Carpinteria Triathlon

Sun Sep 27, 2009

Carpinteria State Beach, Carpinteria, CA 93013

Notes From Timing Expand Results

Notes from Timing Director

Any results protests send to me at . Make the subject 'Carp Tri 2009 Protest'.

* -----------------------------------------
* USAT Penalties
* -----------------------------------------
Any time penalty is added to the bike leg.
If you were penalized, there is a code under the column header 'Pnl'.
The meaning of the code and the time penalty that was charged is
listed below.

Time penalty codes:
D  Drafting (5.10a - 2:00)
B  Blocking (5.10d - 2:00)
C  Centerline (5.4 - 2:00, 3 times=DQ)
O  Overtaken (5.10g - 2:00) 
E  Entering/Exiting (7.1 - 2:00)
P  Position (5.10f - 2:00) 
T  Traffic Laws (5.4 - 2:00)
A  Unauthorized Assistance (3.4d - 2:00)
Q  Placement of Equipment (7.2 - 2:00)
U  Unauthorized Accessories (3.4i - 2:00)
X  Abandoned Equipment (3.4h - 2:00)
Z  Endangerment (5.5 - DQ)
M  Multiple Infractions (2:00 times # of infractions)

* -----------------------------------------
* Transition Splits
* -----------------------------------------
I you have a T1 or T2 time of exactly 1:00, it means that I generated
the time in an attempt to give you a reasonable guess at your split.
This situation occures when I have no time for you at one of the
timing mats. So I make up a time by adding or subtracting 1 minute
from the timing mat from the opposite side of the transition.

Otherwise, I can not compute a split for you.

* -----------------------------------------
* Train Wait Credit
* -----------------------------------------
If you were credited for waiting at a train crossing, then the
time adjustment is shown under the column header 'Bon.' (for Bonus)
under the bike and run leg. The credit it added to the split time
for the bike or run, depending on where you were credited.